Zemes ankers

Product Description

Earth anchor is one of the various ground screws type whose
surface is galvanized. In general, there is one rod with a circle
on top and with one or two spirals on bottom. The installation
of earth anchor is very easily and only one person is sufficient
to screw it into ground by metal bar.

The ground Earth Anchor 16×1000 screw is used for fixing chains, ropes and wires,
and is screwed into the ground. For example, boat ropes, mast lines or anchor
chains. The product can also be cast in concrete.


1. Retaining walls, as part of erosion control systems.
2. Structural support of temporary buildings and
structures,such as circus tents and outdoor stages.
3. Mooning marine structures, such as floating docks and
4. Anchoring utility poles and similar structures.
5. Drainage systems, for loadlocking and restraining
capability to happen simultaneously.
6. General security, as in anchoring small aircraft