Slurry pipeline Floats

Slurry pipeline – a pipeline, used to transport slurry (a mixture of water and soil or rock, obtained by excavating and mining hydraulically) with hydraulic dredger equipment to the point of discharge. 

Floating slurry pipeline. Its purpose is to connect the working dredge to the shore slurry pipeline. The slurry pipeline allows operating maneuvers; it is the supporting structure for securing the supply and control cables, moving the staff to the dredge ship or ashore. The installation of floating slurry pipelines is made on special floats,the number of which depends on the length of the pipeline .

Pipeline floats

Type Max Ø, inside, mm Max Ø, outside, mm Sink load, kg Length, mm Weight, kg Mount
Pipeline Float 110 - 140      140       500    90 (60)      600      10 Belt
Pipeline Float 150 - 160      160       500    90 (60)      600      10 Belt
Pipeline Float 160 - 220      220       500    170 (115)      1200      14 Belt
Pipeline Float 220 - 280      280       600    250 (175)      1200      24 Belt
Pipeline Float 300 - 400      400       940    610 (410)      1200      33 Belt
Pipeline Float 420 - 650      650       1200    986 (658)      1280      70 Belt

We produce polyethylene floats to maintain the slurry pipeline on water. It is also possible to use our floats as floating bearing elements for any purpose. Operating temperature is from -40°C to + 60°C, UV resistant.

Pipeline floats 200-280 ready for operation

Pipeline floats 200-280 on stock

Along the floating slurry pipeline a gangway for the staff and high voltage cables for charging an electric dredger are usually laid.

Unique design, accepting any pipe from Ø100 mm to Ø650 mm

It is possible due to top part of float adjusts to the tube height and pushes the pipe tightly to the lower part of float:

Therefore our range of floats for slurry pipeline can accept any tube with diameters 140-650 mm.

Float is fixed by straps or belts

Voltage cable holder on the top of each float

Why choose our floats:

  • Filled with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) 25
  • Module maintains it`s shape and is resistant to mechanical deformations
  • Compared to air-filled modules, our module retains floatation properties in case of hole
  • Fast to mount
  • Operational temperature from - 60°C to + 60°C
  • Environmental friendly

Dredging machines on our floats

We successfully cooperate with dredging machines producers to equip them with our floats.

Order custom float (i.e. floats with inner diameters >650mm)




We are full-cycle rotomolding producers. This means that our supply chain has stages such as (computer 3d model design, development of prototype, mass production and quality control).

Today we are interested in extending our range of floats. We welcome our customers to ask for custom products and promise to offer reasonable price-quality-time ratios.