Plastic Pontoons

Plastic pontoons are equipped with plastic floating platforms and wooden frames. Pontoons can be used for various purposes such as a boat station, as a footbridge or simply as a platform for relaxing and spending time by the water. The shallow beach can be transformed into a Harbour deep enough for sailing-boats. Even the most unsheltered beach can be turned into a safe and calm berth to accommodate your own boat and those of your boating friends. On a floating pontoon you can, e.g., have a Bathing-hut, a veranda to enjoy quiet sunsets, a spring-board for water games … just take your pick. These are investments which greatly increase the total value of your property.


In our offer you will find different sizes of the plastic pontoons. There are three sizes of pontoons – 220 l, 400 l and 450 l.

450 l pontoons are filled with EPS foam. All pontoons are resistant to UV-rays and freezing. No ice movement is allowed.