Reed Cutting

We offer water bodies maintenance with new reed cutter as a kind of amphibious vehicle. Reed cutter has swimming function and can move equally well both by land and by water.


One of the main water body recovery conditions is regular eradication of aquatic plants in water bodies. These works never end, like any other work in the garden or field. Reed cutting is recommended to start in the winter – removing dried stalks of the ice surface. During the summer reed mowing should be done two to three times – the first year, then less frequently. Regular mowing decreases reed growth rate, their thickness and by the time they will wither away.


Reed cutting reduces the sludge layer and the water becomes more clear. Mowed plants can be very well used for compost.

Cutting must be done at least 0.5 meters in depth. Reeds are the most sensitive plant to the cutting. Mowing significantly reduce their spread, but remember that not right away. After the first cutting aquatic plants recover very quickly. After a few years regular cutting the plant diversity will increase and ecological condition of water bodies will be improved