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1.Manufacturing the base for houseboat

2.Manufacture House

3.Equip Houseboat with accessories

4.Not just houseboat: Other projects

Polystyrene filled floatation modules




Houseboat foam filled floatation modules are light weight floating constructions, produced from high quality polyethylene. They are supposed to be a part of floating platform for houseboat, floating cabin, floating cafe or floating beach.

Our foam filling technology:

  1. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) 25
  2. Module maintains it`s shape and is resistant to mechanical deformations
  3. Compared to air-filled modules, our module retains floatation properties in case of hole

Floatation modules can stand temperatures in range from -60°C to +60°C and are also resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations. There is no need to deassemble or remove construction in winter period.


dimensions a/b/h, mm


1200 / 800 / 850



1200 / 800 / 850



1600 / 800 / 850

1200 / 1200 / 940


1200 / 1200 / 940


1560 / 1200 / 940

capacity, L


















Building of house:

Engineers of AQUAAURA.EU have 20-years old experience in area  of  floating  houses.  Taking into account the accumulated  experience  we  offer  a  help  for  people  that  needs advice in their own projects of Houseboats.

Taking into account the requirements of customer, we develop a  computer  prototype.  Because we are the producers of the polyethylene  modules  and  steel  platforms, we already on this stage  we  take  into  account  such  factors,  as: distribution of weight, free-board, steering gear, efficiency of the use of fuel etc.

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