floating house
Aqua Aura

AQUA AURA floating house is a mobile living concept developed by Ponton Ltd.

AQUA AURA by Latvian architects is a living house designed to float or just stay fixed on the shore. It is a modern quality designed building where people can live as a permanent home. Living on the water is a romantic blend of natural elements. The designers wanted to have a natural balance in the floating home, so they used eco-friendly, locally-sourced materials to build it and gave the floating house really aesthetic look and homely ambiance.

The AQUA AURA concept is welcoming and inviting, surprises the beauty of the outdoors and makes it part of the living space. The main idea of this project was to absorb the natural benefits and to create a union between the internal and the external areas. There are spacious seaside terrace and one roof terrace what offers perfect sea views and pulls more of the deeper shading into the home design, for a cozier relaxation zone providing views of the encompassing landscape while maintaining high levels of privacy for the inhabitants.

AQUA AURA being built from wood in addition to other sustainable building materials has wooden deck also built from deep impregnated wood. It has been designed to either stay docked on shore or float around. The AQUA AURA has no motor, but the AQUA AURA house is movable with cargo ships or tugboats, to nearby locations it can be easily moved by a towboat.

AQUA AURA floating house has bedroom, hall, the service areas, such as the kitchen, dining/living room, shower room and sauna located in the first level. On the second level placed roof terrace you can enjoy the wonderful view of blue water.

Floating house design has slowly developed through the years, however it has only been recently that designs have become more environmentally aware and have begun to challenge the boundaries. This is mainly due to new construction techniques and growing climate changes. The floating houses can be designed to be situated far enough away from the shoreline so it can rise and fall with the water level, and it is connected to the shore secure so that in times of floods it does not get swept away.

AQUA AURA floating house is stable and secure, mounted on reinforced concrete floats which have expanded polystyrene core.

AQUA AURA has screwed steel frame construction, and load-bearing walls of the house are filled with glued solid wood panels made of lightweight softwood harvested from sustainable forests in Latvia. The walls are specially treated with a protective so they do not fade in sunlight and humidity, and insects, fungi and moss do not threaten them. The frame is capable of supporting multi-storey and wide span structures.

AQUA AURA is a highly energy efficient house. Electricity can be provided by generator or shore power connection. It is possible to install alternative energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. An autonomic version of the AQUA AURA comes with a solar energy supply. The house can be linked up to the shore line so that fresh water can be brought straight into the house and sewage can be pumped back into town lines.

The heating system of AQUA AURA can be provided by exclusivelly designed, economical, fully automatic wood pellet stoves which guarantee maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, and burn only wood or pellets, fuels that come from nature and return it in a continuous cycle.

Both the interior design as well as the exterior facade offer a large choice of colours and surfaces. Ponton’s interior design team provides a complete and individual interior design concept on request.

This house is able to contain all the creature comforts that a land house of the same nature may have. For example, fire places, kitchens, sauna, spa baths, staircases, bedrooms, laundries etc.