Floating Houses

We offer to to install on pontoons various types of floating houses – living houses, bathhouses, villas, campsites, boat garage, floating hot tubs.


The most important thing is the weight of the construction. Pontoon lift capacity must be a third higher than the constructions weight that you want to place on the pontoon. To this weight must be calculated the weight of the pontoon too. A house pontoon weighs about twice a much as the construction built on top of it. 


Pontoons are ice safely and buildings can also be used in the winter. We also offer fully-developed project for houses with full design. Floating houses can be individually situated, on private waterfront properties.


Floating houses are stable and secure. Floating houses are mounted on plastic, metal or concrete pontoons. Houses don`t freeze in. Electricity is provided by generator or shore connection. It is possible to install alternative energy sources – solar panels and wind turbines. These houses are able to contain all the creature comforts that a land house of the same nature may have. For example, fire places, kitchens, spa baths, staircases, normal beds, laundries etc.


Floating houses are linked up to the shore line so that fresh water can be brought straight into the house and sewage can be pumped back into town lines.

Floating house design has slowly developed through the years, however it has only been recently that designs have become more environmentally aware and have begun to challenge the boundaries. This is mainly due to new construction techniques and growing climate changes. The floating houses can be designed to be situated far enough away from the shoreline so it can rise and fall with the water level, and it is connected to the shore secure so that in times of floods it does not get swept away.


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