Plastic Sheet Piling

PVC sheet piles have a high mechanical endurance. The maximum wall height is up to 3 meters. Plastic piles would suit for:

  • Shoring up banks;
  • Strengthening ditches;
  • Shoring foundation pits;
  • Protection of groundwater;
  • Building of piers.

The application of plastic piling is the vinyl pile device of the fence ditches, trenches, strengthening of coastline, building of bridges, overpasses and trestles as well as hydraulic erection (docks, moorages, hydroelectric stations, sluices and so on) and construction for the storage of solid and liquid industrial wastes.


The vinyl piles are so projected that it is easy to form internal and external curves along the natural coast. Vinyl sheet piles are made of rigid polyvinyl chloride, which is modified with substances that facilitate recycling: impact viscosity modifiers, thermal and UV stabilizers, as well as mineral filler.


Piles like steel sheet piles are connected with each other with special keys. Such structures are especially durable and are extremely durable and have very high mechanical characteristics (with a 50 years’ guarantee).


The sheet piling is normally capped off with either a wood or concrete cap and a walkway. It would be good to use around lake front property as well to control shore erosion. Plastic piling provides flood prevention.


Plastic Piling has a number of benefits over traditional steel, timber or concrete piling; mainly cost, durability, ease of handling and environmental. Plastic sheet piling holds up well to the sea and brackish water in and around the bays.


They protect your construction for a long time, because the material is resistant to:

bio-corrosion, rust, fractures, cratches, abrasion, seawater, harmful radiation (UV).